no follow

credit roll_

Credit where credit is, dude. No Follow 「game」 is by Neocities user Shishka with the help of...



4:00 AM Fictitious ~theme of APPLET~

  • Inspiration Miracle Moon (DDR)

To the pressure... ~theme of SEO~

  • Inspiration Shining Polaris (DDR), Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2), Daylight (bôa)
  • Sample Windows NT Shutdown

EVENT: Moons, Headlights

  • Inspiration Your Rain (Silent Hill)

Cannot Be Found? ~for The Bin~

  • Inspiration Silence & After All (Delerium)
  • Sample Windows 2000 Empty Recycle Bin

other thanks

  • Neocities for hosting the site
  • Soundcloud for hosting the music (for now...?)

maybe a footer. maybe not.