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file #000001

Some Sort of Greeting to the World (A Beginning)

file #000002

Moving Pixels That Eradicate My Laptop Fan Almost as Much as the S*ms 2

file #000003

Dumpster Diving for New Party Members (Is Your Mind Inside Like Mine?)

file #000004

Play Pressed to Impress

file #000005 new

Checking My Junk Mail to Fool Myself Into Thinking Someone Wants to Talk to Me

file #000006

If You Can't Dance-Dance to This, You Can't Do Nothin' For Me

file #000007

Wasting Paper (I Yodel Sadly Into Overpriced Ink Cartridges, Now Empty)

file #000008

A Cult Classic

file #000009

You're Crashing But You're No Int*rnet Expl*rer

file #000010

Paint Me Like One of Your Early 2000s Firef*x Skins

file #000011

Investigation (Vague Thoughts in Parentheses That Fail to Expound on That Which Precedes)

file #000012

New Old Stalk

file #000013

Everything's Going According to My Data Plan (Betrayal)

file #000014

Flashback Trip Machine

file #000015

Shut Up, Shutdown


Are We Now Really Free to Fly Higher Into Space?


Applet (You)