no follow

first-dimensional no follow original soundtrack_

But with the ambition of beginning a sentence with a conjunction, even silence can start sound -- you expect to hear music, and so you do.

side 1 chara theme

  • To the pressure... ~theme of SEO~ [demo]
  • Relentless Vision ~theme of SPIDER~
  • 4:00 AM Fictitious ~theme of APPLET~ [demo]
  • ??? ~theme of WES~
  • ??? ~theme of RAM~
  • Passport to the Canyon ~theme of MIDI~
  • In Your Sight ~theme of BLINKIE~
  • Bézier ~theme of JAVA~ [demo comin' soon]
  • ??? ~theme of MELISSA~
  • The Status of Being Away ~theme of SPRITE~
  • unindexed & unfollowed ~theme of NO FOLLOW~
  • Get By ~for Credit Roll~

side 2 site theme

  • EXTR0VERT ~for Neighbo(u)rhood 5~
  • My progression into... ~for Neighbo(u)rhood 7~
  • The Creatives Uncommon ~for Neighbo(u)rhood 14~
  • ??? ~for Neighbo(u)rhood 23~
  • ??? ~for Disc Space~
  • Cannot Be Found? ~for The Bin~
  • Unregistered Redacted 2 ~for Spacebar~
  • Chew, Before You ~for Revolve~
  • Deviate ~for Move Dodge Gallery~
  • ??? ~for Sweeper~
  • ??? ~for Papercuts~
  • Smarter Dialed ~for fr0zen t0ast~
  • ??? ~for The Box (Complete)~
  • There are more.

side 3 world

  • BATTLE: The Dimensions of Delusion (100×100)
  • EVENT: Uninspired Peanut Butter Argument
  • EVENT: Sleeping on Shower Floors
  • EVENT: No Sticky Paws!
  • EVENT: Moons, Headlights
  • EVENT: Delayed Message
  • EVENT: SpiderのStomp
  • EVENT: SpiderのSolitaire
  • EVENT: There is No Night
  • EVENT: Recollection of
  • JINGLE: Teleportation, yeah!
  • JINGLE: Congratulations! You Won!!
  • JINGLE: Be Kind, Please Rewind!
  • There are more.

aNd you would be hurt by me, don't tell me where to go
here holds a sense of wonder, we fOld
i leave the thought unFinished, i stagnate myself
the wOrld burns, my mind's coming to Life
i drain your curiosity and cLose the next
with speed and strength alike, we were bOth wrong
ansWer spiraling with the uninspired thoughts we incurred
i never want you watching over me, unindexed & unfollowed

maybe a footer. maybe not.