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where's the script?

You've heard of a thesaurus before, but can't be assed to use one.

If you use this word one more time, you might start hearing it in your sleep.

Someone says it, by coincidence you tell yourself. You only noticed because you used it too much.

It's said again. You realize how overused it is after all.

You read it when it's not even there.

Follow up. Circle back. Is it equating to these? No, never.


You start your script out of order.


You think this is where the story will begin.

They're labeled as files, but you surmise the name is temporary, as it's misleading. It looks like there's somewhere to go, but there's not.

File #000001 Some Sort of Greeting to the World (A Beginning)

File #000002 Moving Pixels that Eradicate my Laptop Fan Almost as Much as the S*ms 2

File #000003 Dumpster Diving for New Party Members (Is Your Mind Inside Like Mine?)

File #000004 Play Pressed to Impress

File #000005 Checking My Junk Mail to Fool Myself Into Thinking Someone Wants to Talk to Me

File #000006 If You Can't Dance-Dance to This, You Can't Do Nothin' For Me

File #000007 Wasting Paper (I Yodel Sadly Into Overpriced Ink Cartridges, Now Empty)

File #000008 A Cult Classic

File #000009 You're Crashing But You're No Int*rnet Expl*rer

File #000010 Paint Me Like One of Your Early 2000s Firef*x Skins

File #000011 Investigation (Vague Thoughts in Parentheses that Fail to Expound on That Which Precedes)

File #0000?? Everything’s Going According to My Data Plan (Betrayal)

There are more, but you think there are enough dead ends for now.

maybe a footer. maybe not.