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Spider NoFollow

Late 20s (Generation Day: 02月08日)

~170 cm (5'7")


That's a spoiler!

Create Virus


This one's been causing trouble. The antagonist of the situation you find yourself in, for sure. Spider's agenda is to find and destroy all sites owned by those who have the potential to defy her. Her perpetual surveillance allows her to predict anyone's actions and manipulate them. You would describe Spider as a genius shut-in who trusts no one but herself (and yet...). By some miracle, she has yet to realize you exist.


The knowledge Spider amasses is held in her site. Plain and corporate on the exterior, but hectic on the inside, Crawl only functions due to Wes's code. Anyone who stays in her site for too long cannot leave -- including herself. There are currently two occupants of Crawl. Or maybe three..?


Create Virus. This is how Spider is able to have her eyes on every person, every site, without having to leave Crawl. Spider's viruses can also enter and damage anyone's site. Only viruses created by Spider can leave her site. You think you can use this to your advantage...


Spider rarely has any visitors, so you can't imagine her ever having to introduce herself. You hope to never meet her. If she were ever to be confronted about her spying on everyone, she would claim her actions are making life convenient for everyone.


Watch out!

spider nofollow concept
spider nofollow concept
spider nofollow concept


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