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How the world works, or maybe how it doesn't. The rules of the universe can and will be broken. You being here is proof enough of that.


  • Everyone knows what this world is called: Space. Feels a bit silly to write it down. But maybe someone needs to know.
  • Space expands proportionately to the amount of people that occupy it. This seems true so far.

new file

  • People come to life in spontaneous generation at a fixed age.
  • The person does not get to choose where they spawn.
  • The circumstances of your generation are troublesome.


  • Everyone has a site. You are certain of this, so you must have one as well, somewhere.
  • A site is a physical place that acts as whatever the owner wants it to be: a home, an art gallery, a forum, to name a few...
  • People code their sites using different devices: desktop, laptop, even flip phone and keytar, to name a few...
  • You think that if you leave this place, you will find your site.

the bin & logging off

  • If you delete something from your site, it goes to the Bin.
  • For a certain amount of time, you have a chance to restore the deleted asset.
  • If not, the asset is gone for good, supposedly.
  • If you decide to log off, both you and your site go to the Bin.
  • For a certain amount of time, you have a chance to decide to return with your site intact.
  • If not, your site will be deleted and you will no longer exist in Space. If you choose to return someday, you'll have to start your site all over again.


  • No one is able to modify or delete a site other than their own.
  • No one is able to delete (force log off) another person.
  • You thought this to be true until Seo disproved it.
  • The exception to this rule is integral to your escape.

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