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Dance Dance Revolution

Shishka's Dance Dance Revolution Shrine

DDR shrine is under construction. For now, there's only memory card fix, so you can enjoy old games.

Dance Dance Revolution

Memory card fix for PS1 DDR Games

if you are playing a PS1 DDR game on a PS1 or PS2, sometimes the memory card cannot be read, preventing save. some 3rd party mats cause this error. here's a way around that. tested with DDR konamix on OG PS2 using unofficial mat by DDR Game, official PS1 memory card, and official PS2 controller. hope it helps.

insert PS1 memory card in slot 1. don't plug in the mat yet!
turn on console. after the memory card is read, u can connect the mat.

in options, turn off auto save.
now u can start playing.

before u finish playing, unplug the mat.
plug in official PS1 or PS2 controller. go to options menu and save.
it is now safe to turn your console off.