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It's-a Not Me: Fun Places

More fun than the way I have them displayed, for now.


Old Web

Cameron's World i cried when i saw this bless u cameron-oppa

GifCities you already know what this is

Title Scream cameron does it again

Windows93 it's fun



Coming when I want, maybe.


It's-a Still Not Me: Sources

Old and new websites the majority of the graphics here came from. Moving these to other pages so when you click a graphic it goes to source. More convenient for you that way.



Miarroba gifs and other user uploaded stuffos

Graphics by Kate blinkies

fallenanjel7 blinkies and avatars

light in the loafers. buttons collection

vhlw1994 blinkies and animated gifs collection

A.N. Lucas buttons collection

Jackie's Blog Blinkies, buttons, and fanlistings

Day Dream Graphics Avatars and buttons

angellovepsp Stamp collection

victoriahollylynn Blinkies and gifs

__urbanizedDORK/d0rkyb0y myspace graphics

green_eyes_blue719 icons

academicajornalismo cute small gifs

NiGHTS into Dreams .Com NiGHTS themes & graphics

... Crystal Tears ... journal with old web graphics



The Anime Fanlistings Network links to fan sites

[ Chikara ] Fire Emblem Ike Fanlisting

{ Twisted Heart } Fire Emblem Naesala Fanlisting

The Fanlistings take a guess

SEGA GENESIS fanlisting title says it all