raise the dead on ur turntable.


Supa Fova ✿ I Need You ~ Insideout Door Mix
DDR extreme information music.


Tokyo Jihen ✿ Noudouteki Sanpunkan
sheena ringo proves once again that she invented music


Sonic OVA ✿ South Island
sonic music always slaps. this one's a gem.


bôa ✿ Passport
u prob kno them from the lain theme. her sad yodels... thank you jasmine.


Heartsdales ✿ CANDY POP ft. SOUL'd OUT
a song to listen to wen ur makin ur gaia avatar look cute


Childhood ✿ Love Saw It
this vision...


Kumi Miyasato ✿ Lonely Sunset
if you love pretending you remember the 80s


Kumi Miyasato ✿ Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental
this song makes me forget about the bad art direction this ova took in part 2