Shrines counting potatoes


3 sonic guilds, 500 kacheeks, and countless frozen accounts.

file 2002 the og

i thought you had to have 4 digits at the end of a username.


file 2002 double dudes

hugh neutron official.


file 2002 thor's ban hammer

pets lost to the void...


file 2002 part 4

pokemon 4 ever.


file 2005 very cold toast

lab ray.


file 2005 fma renaissance

everything was written in fma lyrics.


file 2006 that green gentleman

things have changed for green.


file 2017 insta-banned

this one got immediately frozen. maybe cause i had the weed number in my password.


file 2017 you are the captcha queen, young and sweet

finally got the draik i wanted in 2002.