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a collection of stuff and things from the web archive.

What's the good word, Raidou?


Fontlibrary keeps (pstump voice) goin' DOWN DOWN, which makes this place go down too (or load mega slow), so I'm like... fuck it, we're using some basic ass courier 'til I find an alternative. Anyone out there know of a site like Fontlibrary or Google Fonts that isn't perpetually down or owned by the devil but is also free? Apparently that's a lot to ask for x: I found fontsforweb and pagecdn easyfonts but I don't think I trust them.


We got JAUP'd! Fancy (∿°○°)∿♡


Bootstrap gets booted in favor of mini.css. No javascript allowed in my css minecraft server!


Removed Google Fonts (Google is stinky) & bloated scrollbar css/js. Bootstrap is also unnecessarily large so I'll replace that, too. JavaScript is a waste. Not sure what to do about the YouTube embeds :-|a I have a 2nd half to the site in progress but it's still a ways out.


welcome to shishka's wacky web world—the official britney spears webring.


ow my achin eczema. got a few things up.


hey gamers.