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Cowboy Bebop

2021.11.29 Every year I tell myself I am going to finally watch Cowboy Bebop. The time is now. Thanks Toonami for always airing it when I was busy or asleep, and it was harder to find anime on the internet back then. (Aside -- remember downloading subtitles separate from the raw video and trying to sync them up?! Or was this just my experience on French websites trying to watch Sonic X as it aired.) This time I watched the dub because the internet says I'm supposed to. I think the rule is this and FMA. Sure, why not.

the gang's all here

Let's jam.

The mf Crew

Thoughts on the main boopin' hunters since there are a million characters due to it being episodic. Which I didn't know until last week maybe. Don't laugh.



yeehaw Spike
Remember when anime men just kinda had noses like that? I wanna roll my Katamari down that nose. I didn't expect him to be kinda silly. Shoulda figured with clown shoes like that. I wish I had a voice like Spike Spiegel. This man could read the dictionary and I would listen. My favorite line of his might be "Hackers are boring". The delivery. RIP king.
bucky barnes Jet
Also a great voice. I trust him. Please let him water his plants in peace.
dog Ein
A dog that is good!!!
gamble u got a chance to make a rumble Faye
The shiny yellow is very iconic. I wish I never watched the Haruhi dub back then bc that's all I can hear. Anime boob physics. The lowest hairline in the galaxy. Thought she'd be like Rouge the Bat but wound up more like Shadow the Hedgehog meets Futurama. Admit I eye rolled at the amnesia trope but I'm sure it was super cool in 1998. Well I like her too after all. Don't let her play gatcha games.
teh haxx0rz Ed
This kid is anime as fuck. Funnie. Feral. Wiggly. Just wanted a souvenir.

The Art

Yeah baby it's 1998 and we're in space so naturally there are some nice backgrounds with funky colors. I'll be uploading some screenshots here (kinda edited tho, don't mind). Also Jet's computer UI is my actual ~aesthetic~ (I need a synonym for this -- it's 2021, and I'm sick of it).

just boys being boys

The cinematography... sirs.

The Music

Your resident Macross fucker has been listening to the Bebop soundtrack since the beginning of time, so I already knew it was great. Yoko Kanno and Mai Yamane bless. The Real Folk Blues is still my favorite, I think.

The Movie

  • Synopsis: Sirius Black spices up the Halloween party by shoving as many marbles up his ass as possible. Smile.dk is there. It's marble madness!
  • Liked seeing Spike use his environments to fight, like the convenience store items and cleaning supplies. I want more of this creativity. Delightful.
  • Lots of personality in this world. I think they're on Mars for this one maybe. From the rotoscope-ish opening to the detailed backgrounds. It oozes something. Good.
  • Yeah this was fun, I wish there were more movies. No, the recap one doesn't count. That's illegal. I ain't watchin' it.
girl same

"Do I really look like I have money?"

Misc Thots

  • I liked the tone shift in ep 5.
  • If I ever rewatch this in like 10 years or whatever, I think I will skip ep 21, which I felt was the weakest/boring-est and also the most fucking awkward to watch. I was def lookin up some ages during this one lmao. Also, Power Ranger fans don't kill me (I know you're out there), but the voice acting for the feng shui girl was the only standout bad dub here. Really out of place.
  • He shoulda practiced what he preached and never went back for Julia -- Spike's a dumb bitch after all!!!
  • I can see now how Space Dandy is a (less compelling) spiritual successor to the beeps. (Even tho I dropped it. Like, did you see that fish episode? So boring and the art took a dive. Nail in the coffin.) Both episodic and similar setting. But the Bebop cast is more interesting. Sorry Dandy. Horny didn't win this one. That's what got Spike killed, yanno.
  • I feel like I am going to be offended by the N*tflix, so it's a pass for me, dog.
  • I don't think this is the best anime ever but I can definitely understand why ppl say it is. If I watched it in 1998, I might have felt the same. Maybe I shoulda watched it then. idk why I waited.
  • Given Cowboy Bebop's popularity, I'm surprised there isn't more. And sad. But maybe it's a good thing. Cause when shows run for so long, they wind up not being good anyway. Probably.

Should you watch this?

Yep. Bang...

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