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Dance Dance Revolution 2013

2022.08.09 I am playing every DDR 2013 song in hopes of my mind being changed about the selection of music in this game... Or I'll the delete songs I definitively loathe!

Dance Dance Revolution

You can dance if you want to,

Boring Note

Playing using Stepmania. If a song is missing from the list, I either have it in an earlier DDR playlist, it wasn't in the download, or I deleted it already 'cause I didn't like it.

Let's Step, Step!

  • Across World Apparently from 2011 but sounds more like something you'd find in a late 00s Final Fantasy AMV. Makes it nostalgic in a way.
  • Ahlahlah If MGMT Kids was not good. First song to not make the cut...
  • Air Heroes One gripe I think I have with this game is that, while I like synthy stuff, the particular sound used here and in other songs gets real grating if I play too many of these in a day. I don't care for the refrain (?) but there's another part of this song that I like enough to make this worth keeping.
  • Another Phase Similar comment about the type of synth used here. I used to play this one often actually. The cyborg (?) character in the bg is interesting.
  • Back In Your Arms Sounds like a radio-friendly song you might hear in the late 00s. Imagine if this was made in 1999/2000 and sung by Kylie Minogue instead though...!
  • Beautiful Dream Next gripe. Songs that sound like they are sung by moe anime girls for a... sketchy target audience.
  • Blew My Mind Uses gimmicky stops, speed ups, slow downs...
  • Bombay Bomb These kinds of instruments are a nice change of pace... sometimes.
  • Bright Stream For whatever reason, my download did not include the artist, but sounds like a Nana Mizuki kinda song you'd hear in an anime. Shishka from the future: It is indeed Nana Mizuki and was the theme song for a 2012 anime movie I have no interest in lmfao.
  • Burst The Gravity Another song you might hear in an anime. Shishka from the future: And it is.
  • ちくわパフェだよ☆CKP I can never tolerate this kind of singing... Well the background movie is kinda OK.
  • からふるぱすてる Same comment as above...
  • Condor Like a remix of Mario desert level bgm.
  • Confession A song you can tell was composed by Naoki.
  • Desert Journey Do not be fooled. It does not sound desert-like at all.
  • Diamond Night Kinda mysterious huh.
  • Elemental Creation These are getting fast... another gimmicky one.
  • Empathetic The steps were fun. I was surprised.
  • Escape Another radio-friendly song. In a sterile way though.
  • Everything I Need Supposedly one of Naoki's last songs for Bemani. Kinda boring though. But inoffensive.
  • Find The Way Remember when all graphic design looked like that bg image, what a blast to the past.
  • ふりそでーしょん はたち はたち はたち はたち -- stop. This is too repetitive, I do not wish to hear it again. omf I did not realize this was KyaryPamyuPamyu... I feel like I'm committing a grave sin. They shoulda put pon pon wei wei wei instead...
  • GAIA Had fun with the gimmicks in this one.
  • Heron Not as grating as I thought it'd be. And the steps are the kind I like for workout.
  • Hoping To Be Good Title describes how I feel about this game so far. This one was good. But so far I am not finding any song to be iconic...
  • ジョジョ~その血の運命~ Not my fave JoJo theme but fun to see this here regardless.
  • JOKER See description for Across World.
  • キケンな果実 This sounds so familiar, but I have never heard it before.
  • ロンドンは夜8時 (LON 8PM - TYO 4AM) A standard TAG song, maybe.
  • LOVE & JOY -Risk Junk MIX- No thanks.
  • ラキラキ idk why I am reminded of Mario tennis.
  • Magnetic Don't judge a song by the split second preview. The refrain (?) may not be for me, but the rest is a cool tune to find the computer room to.
  • マジLOVE1000% This is another style of singing & music I'm not interested in... like a character song from a queer-bait anime. Shishka from the future: Apparently this is from Uta no Prince-sama, which I know nothing about. Sorry if I dissed your husbando... And sorry to the iconic Miyano Mamoru-san. But won't be dancing to it again.
  • めうめうぺったんたん!! I appreciate the custom bg animation. But I can't wait to never hear this song again. Really upsetting that many of the Japanese-language songs thus far are not for me...
  • Monkey Business So far this is the only song I actually love lmfao very catchy and I like the monkey mascot.
  • †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† Annoying.
  • New Generation I wasn't really paying attention when I played it. Not memorable but not offensive to my ears either.
  • New Gravity Pleasant.
  • Nightbird Lost Wing There is a part that reminds me of factory level from Kirby 64.
  • 虹色の花 Normally I would find this kind of vocal nostalgic, but he seems a bit off key.
  • お米の美味しい炊き方、そしてお米を食べることによるその効果。 ...Do you think this is a joke.
  • 折れないハート A song from a Yu-Gi-Oh! I haven't seen. But catch me cryin' to Kawaita Sakebi...
  • オリオンをなぞる The name of the band is familiar, must be anison. I was reminded of my Bump of Chicken phase in the 00s. Shishka from the future: This is from TIGER&BUNNY.
  • PRANA Sounds like TAG and it is TAG. Did he leave Bemani recently? I should cherish these songs then.
  • Printemps It's just here.
  • Qipchāq I am just not interested in any marching kind of song. Not interesting or memorable.
  • Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) Songs that would be better off instrumental... The chorus peeved me. I won't hear anymore of it.
  • 野球の遊び方 そしてその歴史 ~決定版~ I knew from the preview... I just don't have the tolerance for it. So many custom bg ani wasted on these kinds of things huh...
  • RЁVOLUTIΦN The wowow wowow's too repetitive -_- I just don't care...!!
  • 晴天Bon Voyage Attempts many things, but unfortunately...
  • Sola New Donk City
  • Somehow You Found Me It's OK. Does the mixing seem off?
  • 創世ノート His high notes are annoying.
  • South Walls Also just OK. But there is something nostalgic about those MIDI trumpets.
  • Starry HEAVEN See description for Across World & Joker. All 3 of these songs are interchangeable.
  • Straight Oath An interesting choice of title. A familiar sound. Relaxing.
  • STULTI It was fun.
  • Sucka Luva It's like someone is fucking with the pitch for most of it then it does a bunch of annoying double arrows that hurt my knees.
  • Summer Fairytale That bridge (?) punctured my ears. All around bad lyrics.
  • Sweet Rain YES!!!!!!! More of this onegaishifuckingmasu???
  • Synergy For Angels I love how the bg image is an anime girl superimposed onto a photo of the composers lmfao.
  • Tell Me What To Do Quirky. Reminds me of my Perfume and Capsule days...
  • The Island Song Sadly boring.
  • THE REASON I love this... 2008 Shishka is screaming, headbanging, once again imagining Final Fantasy AMVs...
  • The Wind of Gold It's OK.
  • Top The Charts Why does this sound like the Smash Ultimate theme lmfao... also is she sure she's saying charts and not sharts? o_O;
  • Triple Journey -TAG EDITION- It's OK. The opening hurt my ears. Some of these lead synths, really...
  • つけまつける Rolling my eyes... Also shoulda been pon pon wei wei wei...
  • ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (Speedcake Remix) Caramell Dansen!!! This makes so much sense... and of course I appreciate how the steps in the refrain go well with the uwauwa hand motions, so I can do that too {:
  • フー・フローツ Is fine.
  • WILD SIDE It was fun.
  • Windy Fairy Waltzy kinda time sig, that's fun too. Must have Ninty on the brain 'cause also reminds me of Kirby 64.
  • Wow Wow VENUS This almost made the cut 'cause I was so amused it sounded like Wow Wow P*NIS~ 僕達もっとP*NIS~
  • You The kind of music you hear at the movie theatre while you're waiting for The Rugrats movie to begin.
  • ずっとみつめていて (Ryu☆Remix) Made it to the end... It's good. I like the font lmfao.

Whatcha think?

  • Best Songs Monkey Business, Sweet Rain, THE REASON, and Caramell Dansen.
  • Songs Removed 22. That's a lot...
  • Everything Else A lot of personalityless, mildly cacophonous synthy stuff.
  • Verdict I've now deduced that I am absolutely not the ~target audience~ for this game ;; Where is the bubblegum... trance... good-cool...? The wonderful thing about Stepmania is I can remove what I don't like and curate playlists in the spirit of the games I do enjoy. But even so, wanted to experience.

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