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Shin Megami Tensei V

2022.02.12 SMTV was fucken fun even with my busted joycons. Here's the dump of disjointed funny thoughts.

Oh yeah, spoilers by the way.

wish i had back muscles like that

Young man, there's no need to feel down, I said young man,

Behold my demons & also humans

Apparently I have more to say than usual about the cast.



young man Protag
It is you! I await the day he receives a canon name. I love his design. The asymmetrical hair and flower pattern on the uniform. Son tier.
blue man group Aogami
Your symbiotic emotional support demon that would do literally anything for you. He is very precious. His Animal Crossing phrase is "young man". (pstump voice) 'Cause you're the last of a dying breed,
gender Nahobino
The boys in their goin' ghost form. He has infinitely long hair, making this the best character design ever.
is smt blue girl a trope idk Tao
Her dub voice has a strange inflection or something, like she's taken a dosage too much of the children's b*nadryl and is about to start hallucinating (we've all been there).
im boy Yuzuru
A standard anime man, but a boy. Nothing special but nothing dislikable either. I was wrong to assume he'd go nahobino with the dog, and not the fucking. Prime minister.
he Tsukuyomi
Everyone in town wants to fuck the chaos dilf prime minister. And are they wrong? He too is a demon and also Aogami's bro.
not ryuji Dazai
Do not be fooled. This is not Ryuji Sakamoto Persona 5. Rather, Tokyo's most disliked cryptid-sighting Yout*ber. Well he is not my fave. In this house we don't go law route. Freckles, acne, or both? You decide. I think both, and it's a bold choice.
blessed be Abdiel
Dazai's comfort milf. I like her screen eyes, like Meow Animal Crossing.
hes kinda emo tbh Yakumo
This is not Yasunori Katou or Raidou. A neutral boy. Is definitely fucking his symbiote demon lady.
insert im a snake video here Nuwa
The tiddy demon that is in love with Yakumo. She has all my sympathy.
hey hey Amanozako
Aogami's annoying mpreg daughter.


There are only 2 things in this world that quench my thirst: rollin' up a big dang katamari and fusing some fucking demons. This gameplay is so satifying. There are other fun things you can do too, like Sonic boosh really fast, slice giant D&D dice into pieces with your glowy Edward Elric sword arm, and make a delightful crunching noise on your delicious glory crystal.

i think the context was exactly what you think it is

Haphazard photo of a heartwarming conversation with a demon.

All my friends are dead

The endings. I went chaos route as usual then watched the others.

  • Chaos The Nahobino observes his newly created world in sadness, but at least he chose for himself. Boulevard of Broken Dreams plays in the distance. Kind of a bummer huh. Aogami is not acknowledged which is a shame because he's been with you the whole time...
  • Law Do not make the brothers fight ): 'Bino rules happily but humans don't think for themselves, so that's another bummer. Once again Aogami has no dialogue.
  • Neutral The way Yakumo died resting his head on Nuwa's lap... That's love.
  • True Neutral Whew, that's what I'm talking about. Make me feel an emotion, make me fucking confused. Aogami saying his farewell was so sad even tho I knew it was comin. RIP my blue king. But THEN, what's up with the TWO protags at the end?! HE get Aogami's glowy eyes/1?! HELLo??? (I typed this as I was watching the ending, so the typos stay). What does it mean,
hot demon man's dying words

I'm going to have a fucking breakdown.

The mystery

Things either I missed or they weren't explained. If you've got an answer... I wanna know ;u;

  • Does Aogami & prime minister's sister ever show up? I kinda need to know if the Shinto story of Susano-o (Aogami) drunkenly shitting in his sister's rice field is canon here too.
  • Random NPC chillin' in Tokyo mentions that Yakumo has a son. No elaboration. Was he slain in his tragic backstory too? WAIT maybe Yakumo IS the son, and NPC was talking about his father. idk I'm dumb.
  • So... is this a Nocturne sequel,

Who is best girl?

Aogami. If we need to make any Persona comparison, his story arc is like Aigis abridged but you don't get to finger him.

i think this is the exact point i realized he is great

OK This brokoro my kokoro.

Misc Thots & Nitpicks

  • There were def some choppy frame rates and delays in textures or like blades of grass loading... I think... woulda been smoother if not for Switch x: Even so, seeing it happen was kinda funny.
  • One of the last levels is Sky Sanctuary zone.
  • I miss the Kaneko style blacked out upper lip. Well sometimes it makes an appearance in the loading screens.
  • Demons can sometimes follow you around. Like in Raidou but not as cool.
  • I want a Raidou 3.
i think i saw lady gaga do this once

Nahobino's smooth moves.

Should you play this?

I think this might be my favorite mainline SMT game. I don't know what the reviews are saying, aside from one tweet that ref'd a review I will not read 'cause it doesn't deserve my view -- but it may have said that SMTV is like P5 with less heart. What an unfair comparison. In the mainline SMT's (that I've played), there's not as much story as Persona games, which I'm guessing is their complaint. SMTV tells you just enough to leave room for interpretation. And isn't that alright too? For me, it is.

Hee ho.

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