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Using the Internet

2022.10.20 ~ Ongoing I'm realizing that the sites I compulsively browse are mostly miserable. So I should probably do something about that.

In this "review" I scrutinize my use of the internet.

Sharing my difficult endeavor in the rare event it resonates with you and even marginally helps.

This page is changing as I figure out what makes me happiest, but here's where I'm at:

Button ✿ Bird Shit

Flippin' the bird to the bird

  • My biggest gripe with Twitter is actually the news section, so I am never looking at it again. It's irrelevant at best, aggravating at worst.
  • Using uBlock Origin, I removed the Explore link and the Trending side panel thing. I don't even remember what it was called so maybe I'm already healing.
  • El*n goin' wild with the promoted ads, eh? If you've got uBlock Origin, go to your Filter Lists, Purge all caches, and Update now. That seems to block 'em so far -- adios, asshole!
  • Deleted the app from my phone.
  • Unfollowed everyone. It was just a few official videogame/anime accounts anyways.
  • So far this is the easiest to check the least. Scheduling tweets also helped. My mood has improved.
Button ✿ I survived the 2018 Tumblr Apocalypse

The flames of hell are #001935

  • Tumblr time. I used uBlock Origin to block some stuff including the Radar and the banner that says to not block ads :-P
  • New XKit is also doing things I forget. There's another newer XKit out there too I never installed. Might be useful.
  • Now Tumblr injects posts by the account Featured onto our dashes, so I blocked that blog lmao... I can't imagine anything there will ever be relevant to me.
  • Wish I could hide the trending section on phone app... but more on that later.
  • I need to think about this one a little more... Come back later!
Button ✿ Windows Media Player

Like, Comment, and Do Crime

  • For YouTube, using extensions AdBlock for YouTube and No YouTube Comments, which do exactly what you think.
  • On and off I use Invidious instances instead but it doesn't always load well, and I'm a bit impatient... Gotta figure this out too.
  • Thought about which channels I watch but don't even like... Ah, so they do the same shit every time, huh... So I stopped watching them.

Don't go chasing Waterfall

  • I stopped using Waterfall social (a Tumblr "alternative"), mainly because it was down so much. Actually, I'm not sure if that site even exists now... Does anyone know what happened?
Icon ✿ HELLO?

Phone app of crap

  • I am one Alanis Morissette yodel-scream away from throwing my phone off a bridge.
  • Didn't have many apps on my phone anyway, and with Twitter deleted that leaves me with Tumblr. I think I should delete it too, but it does give me something to do on the shitter... much to consider here.
  • Even with so few apps, Tumblr needs to be updated regularly enough that the notification badge angers me.
Blinkie ✿ Don't like it? Hit da bricks!


  • Wanna check these sites less. I won't miss anything important, and it'll give me a little more time to do cool shit. And it has been!
  • Days & Times: Limited myself to visiting these sites only between certain times and/or on specific days. Not too difficult!
  • Frequency: Now I am trying to figure out how many times a day I should visit during those times...
  • There are extensions to enforce time limits or whatever but I'll try to do without for now.
  • When I think to check a site outside of the dedicated days/times, I don't do it, but I feel like I'm having a mild cheese allergy. That might just be the cheese though. More recently that feeling has been replaced with excitement that I will get to check later.
  • Deleted many bookmarks.
the one

Neo Geo Pocket Adventure

  • Happiest if I check the Activity page sporadically to see new/updated sites.
  • I have mixed feelings about how exactly Neocities profiles and commenting work and... I don't have any groundbreaking suggestions so I'm leaving it at that for now, while I consider how I want to use, or not use, my own profile... x:

But Wait, There's More!

  • This was last revised 12/21/2022, but come back later for more!

To be continued...

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